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  Our MissionFounder Jens-Peter Jungclaussen
  So, Who had this CRAZY Idea?

His name is Jens-Peter Jungclaussen. He inspired and helped organize the free public viewings for the 2010 Soccer Worldcupin San Francisco, after he did it by himself in 2006.He is comitted to connecting people and their communities while educating and promoting clean energy. He served on the Steering Committee of Lights Out San Franciscoand continually collaborates with organizations and companies who understand that energy efficiency is our future.

Jens-Peter is German born and holds a Masters degree in Education and an equivalent to a Masters in Biology, Geography and PE. He has over 10 years of experience in teaching everything from Kindergarten to college. He is an experienced event organizer having worked on everything from film production to music festivals. He is also a former windsurfing pro and was ranked 26th in the world!

CBS Channel 5 : "Celebrations Around The World"